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How to Entertain Yourself During Delhi Visit
Delhi is one of the hottest places in India in terms of tourist places and various activities and services for tourists. This city has everything to serve everyone according to personal culture and interests. A lot many famous places are there which the tourists can pay a visit. From the historical monument to modern architecture, from Indian foods to international cuisine and from Indian cultural show go western theme show everything you can feel with your presence in the heart of India. In this article, we will talk about various activities that a tourist can do here to entertain himself during the visit to Delhi.
1)Attain the internal peace in Lotus temple
The lotus temple of Delhi is famous not just in India but all over the world. It is the place that is open for everyone without any distinction of castes and religion. This temple is made up of marble from top to bottom and is surrounded by a peaceful green garden and blue water pool. This is one of the centers of Bahai's religion. This region is based on only the peace and humanity and not any particular kind of caste or creed. Inside the temple, you will find peace and sitting arrangements like churches. It's a great place for peace seekers and meditations.
2)Gawking the architect of Akshardham temple
Akshardham temple is one of the most beautiful architectural sites of Delhi. It is situated on the vast land in North Delhi. Every day a vast number of people come to visit it. Inside the campus, you will find the main temple, which is surrounded by many beautifully carved stone statues. Inside the main temple, the architecture is so beautiful that you will forget about everything and will not want to leave the temple too soon. It is so much beauty inside that you will find it beyond the expression of the words to praise it in the way it deserves. The Akshardham temple is also known for its beautiful light and rain shows in the evening, which is worth watching once at least.
3) A night out at Connaught place
Connaught place is famous in Delhi for its nightlife not just in Delhi but in all over India too. Here you can find several excellent restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. which you can enjoy at night. It's the main area in the heart of Delhi which is surrounded by many other great places in Delhi. It is also known as CP there locally. The other main attractions which you can visit in the Connaught area are Jantar Mantar, Gurudwara sahib Bangla, Janpath market, etc. Jantar Mantar is a historical place that is famous for its observatory. It was constructed by Maharaj Jai Singh in the year 1724.
4) Gawking at the historical high Qutub Mina
If you love to explore the historical places, Delhi can offer you many more sites for this purpose. Qutub Minar is one of those places. It is the main attraction in the famous Qutb complex in Mehrauli, Delhi. The height of this Qutb tower is around 73 m, the width of the base is about 14.7 m, and the width of the top is approximately 2.7 m. Along with this, some other very important structures inside the complex are Alai Darwaza, Quwwat -al-Islamic Mosque, an iron pillar, and many others. Here you can pass a good time while getting the details of each important structure inside and around the main campus.
5) A majestic walk of Red Fort
It is one of the most famous forts in India. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Every year on the 15th of August, the Indian Prime Minister hoists the Indian National flag here. This place is in the vicinity of Chandani chowk, one of the most famous markets in Delhi. Here you can pass a good time exploring the beauty of the fort and its majestic architecture. Here you can know the history of this magnificent fort through the one hours light and water show which held here every evening. In the past, it has been the home of the Mughal Dynasty for a short time, and now it is the home of some museums, shopping centers and shows.
6) Shopping in Chandani chowk
As you know now, Chandanini chowk is one of the most famous markets in Delhi. It is said that this market has something to sell to every buyer. There are many kinds of markets here like the cloth market, shoe market, electronic market, etc. Nearby this market there is a Gurudwara, where you can also go to get some spiritual vibes. The famous Jama Mosque and The red fort which we discussed above are also the famous neighbors of Chandani chowk. This place is very well connected to the Delhi metro. Some famous market of this Chandani chowk area includes Chawari Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar, Nai Sadak, Fatehpuri market, etc.
7) A grand salute to India gate
If you visit Delhi for any reason and don't go to visit India gate, it is just like learning the whole English without alphabets. India Gate is a monument that was made in the memory of 70,000 British Indian army soldiers during first world war. The name of all those 70,000 soldiers is inscribed and carved on the walls of this grand structure. This monument is also known as the All India War Memorial. Here you can spend a good time to look around and relax around this historic monument.
8) The calm and serene beauty of Hauz Khas
Hauz has one of the leading tourist spots. It is one of the main attractions in south Delhi. Here you can spend a good time either with friends, lovers, and family. If you go here, you will mainly find couples here enjoying the beauty of the place and lake. It is advised to go here with either a friend or someone; otherwise, you may feel lonely here watching the couples mainly enjoying the company of each other here. The other important place around Hauz Khas is Green park, Deer park, and Gulmohar park, etc.
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