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Noise Pollution and Music: How they are related
There are many types of pollution these days everywhere we see. One of the very harmful forms of pollution is noise pollution. There are many things in our surrounding which seems to be musical but still are noise pollution. Let's discuss something more about it.

What Is Noise Pollution?
In ordinary life noise pollution is defined as anything which disturbs someone. The audible range for a human is from 20 to 20000 hertz. In scientific terms, noise pollution is anything which is producing sound, and its frequency is more than 20000 hertz.

Music and Noise Pollution:
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Music is defined as the notes of sound in proper order or sequence. If notes are in proper order, it is called a melody, and when it is not in order, it is called noise. Music also creates a lot of noise pollution in society. Many people have the habit of listening to music loudly. In marriage functions, DJ is used these days in almost every party. This is also a high point of source of noise pollution. Noise pollution can also be defined in terms of your liking or not liking the music. We all have a habit that when we play the song, or someone plays the tune of our choice we feel it like music, and when people play the songs which we don't like, we call noise.

Some of the Ubiquitous Sources of Music, Which Produce Noise Pollution:
As we discussed above the marriage party, it is not the only source of noise pollution. Some of the other significant noise pollutions involve

Noise Pollution by Mobile Ring Tones:
People set various types of ringtones on their mobile phones. They keep hearing these ringtones very much, but at the same time, other co-workers and the people around such people find it very irritating, which seems to be like a form of noise pollution for them.

Playing Music Videos Loudly:
Many people have the habit of playing music videos very loudly either on phones or on tv. They love to watch and listen to the music videos always on high volume without caring what others may feel this loud sound.

Music Played During the Festival Season Or in a Ritual:
In many places, people love to do everything with loud music. The love they do even the religious custom while playing loud music through massive speakers. These things create too much noise pollution in the surrounding. In most of the fairs, music is also played loudly, which interrupts even the talk with the nearest people, yet people present over there enjoy it.

How to Stop:
There are many ways to prevent noise pollution like By reducing the use of prominent speakers or playing the music softly in the various events Using earphones or headphones instead of playing music from phone speakers or other loudspeakers These were just a few ways, and like these, there are many ways to reduce noise pollution but will work only when people understand the problem of other people with loud music.

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