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What is Proxy and what’s its Importance
In the language of computer networking, a proxy server is known as the intermediate between the user and the server. Hence the proxy server works on the behalf of the user and transmits requests between the user and the server.
The proxy server works as a mediator in spite of connecting the user directly with the resource. Let’s understand it with an example, suppose you are performing an online transaction so the process of making a transaction is very complex and sometime a small mistake will cause you heavy loss. So to make it simpler proxy servers are being used. The proxy server will take access and complete the transaction on your behalf. The use of proxy servers will add up an extra layer of security while performing a task. Proxy is designed to encapsulate the distributed systems.
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The proxy server resides either in the computer of the user or somewhere between the resource and the user. The servers that will actually respond to the user are known as Gateway or also known as tunneling proxy. This proxy is an internet-based proxy and helps in retrieving the data from a wide range of resources. Another type of proxy server is known as Reverse Proxy Server which also exists on the network and protects the access of the user to the network. The other main objectives of reverse proxy are decryption, load balancing, caching and authentication.
Open Proxies:
These are the proxies that are accessible by any user and there are a lot of open proxies available on the internet. As Gordon Lyon in 2008 gives a statement that there are thousands of open proxies available on the internet. Open proxies are of two types Anonymous Proxy and Transparent Proxy. The Anonymous Proxy is the proxies which open up their identity to the resource but do not disclose the identity of the user. The best part about them is that they can be found very easily and are beneficial for most of the users as it will not disclose the identity of the user.
Transparent Proxies:

These are the proxies that will not only consider them as a proxy server but also the information of the user can also be retrieved by using some HTTP header files. The main highlight of this proxy is that it will have the capability to cache a website for quick retrieval.
The reverse proxy is a proxy that will look like an ordinary server and while the user makes a request it will share it with two or more ordinary servers who will help it to handle the request. They will return the request in this way that it will look like that the request comes from the original server and the client will still remain in dark about the original server. They are placed beside one or more online servers so that all the traffic of the website and the neighbor website will go through the proxy server. There is some reason why people use reverse servers. The first reason is they will provide the encryption and SSL encryption whenever the user will create a website then the website does not protect itself with SSL so to add on this layer of security we need to have a reverse proxy because the reverse proxies come up with SSL hardware. The second reason is load balancing the proxy server will distribute the request load with different servers and each server will complete the task with its own capability. For shifting the work from one server to another the reverse proxy needs to copy the same URLs to different servers.
Cache Static Content-
The use of reverse proxy will also help in offloading the server with cache static contents like images and pictures. Compression- the reverse proxy server will compress the website data to make it faster. Spoon Feeding – The reverse proxy servers will make the website faster by removing the slow server which will work like spoon-feeding to the user at the slow speed. Security-
If you are adding the reverse proxy to your website then you are adding an extra layer of security to your website because the reverse proxy will protect you from dangerous OS attacks. However, the reverse proxy will not provide you any specific protection from the attacks but it will reduce down the chance of such attacks. Extranet Publishing-
The internet used by the reverse proxy to communicate with the firewalls will use some extranet to update different features behind the firewalls. If this process is used in the same way then so e-security measures will be considered to protect the rest of the website structure.
Uses of Proxies:
Some of the uses of Proxies are Monitoring and filtering – the content filtering on a website will also keep administrative control over the content of the website. It is used in both commercial and non-commercial organizations. Content filtering will produce logs which will either give the detailed information about the given URL or take an eye on the bandwidth usage of the website. It will also use IP based antivirus which will protect your website URL from harmful viruses.
Some of the colleges and government offices will restrict all the websites that are being used in their building. They will do this with the help of filter proxy or sometimes they may do this by buying cache extension protocols. Bypassing Filters and censorship- This feature of proxies are used to surpass different firewalls that will restrict the user to open the site link. Understand it with an example that supposes if someone blocked a specific country from his website and you want to use its website then you can use proxies to get access on the website because the proxy will not disclose your identity to the owner of the website.
So here are the brief description of proxy and their uses. We will conclude that it is beneficial for your website in the matter of security and you must have to apply it to your website.
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