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Two Most Important Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching Movies
Society and its people are always in influence with the movies, and that is the reason this business is never out of demand. Watching movies have some things with it, but at the same time, it also affects our lives in negative ways. In this article, we will get to know the two main advantages and disadvantages of watching movies.
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The prime purpose of the movies is to entertain the viewers. What so ever good messages and subject of the film contain, it will go flop if it fails to entertain the viewer and they don't find it interesting.
Watching good movies fills the viewer with joy and happiness. Watching comedy movies can improve your sad moods. It gives a chance to people to celebrate their festival more grandly by watching some latest movies in the cinema hall with friends, companions or in at home with the set up created like hall like good speakers, big screen, all necessary beverages, and edibles are present.
Knowledge of different cultures
Movies show a variety of cultures of different places and people. Through these movies, we can know about their tradition, footings, beverages, and ethnic wearing.
Every culture has some unique things to attract other people and cultures. These things are highlighted through the movies. Movies act like passing the tradition and culture from one place to other without any barrier of distance, time and language. With the help of dubbed films, people can know all these things about some other countries and places in the world.

Wasting of time
The same people who spend so many hours watching movies, says all the about not having enough amount of time to complete some essential task. So if people manage their time and reduce the time of watching movies, they will never have the issue of lack of time again in the future in any condition.
Movies are so much mesmerizing some time that people just forget for a while about the real world and start living in a world of film. They aspect everything to happens in the same way as it happens in the movie. It affects the kids most. They do not better understand the difference between real and movie life and understand the film a practical way of learning the way of conduct. In this way, they even learn those things from the film which they should never learn. Many people also compare their life with the life of actors in the movie and feel living life in the wrong way. These things impact the lives of people adversely.
Nobody likes to spend time on anything which is not useful. Watching movies is also one of such things which requires a lot more time to watch a movie together. The average movie running duration is somewhere between 1.5 to 3 hours. These hours are very crucial when we add up all the hours spent in all the movies. Some people also spent time watching the same film again and again.
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